Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a .com.au address?

It is more difficult to qualify for a com.au domain name as you are required to have an Australian Business Number. For this reason we recommend getting a com.au domain if you want to target the Australian market. It gives a higher level of trust for the visitors to the website, especially if the site is taking orders with a credit card.

Should I buy both a .com and a .com.au address?

Not necessarily - you may find that the relevant .com address is unavailable as anyone can purchase any .com domain. If the relevant domain is available then it's in your best interest to buy it also.

How do I get an org.au address?

An org.au address requires a registered Australian not-for-profit organisation to purchase. Otherwise the process is the same as for any other domain. 

Why do I have to pay for a domain annually?

Domain names are rented from a registrar for a particular period of time. For com.au domains the period is currently 2 years. Most other domains are from 1st year to 10 years.

What happens at the end of the period?

As the expiry date approaches, the domain is able to be renewed from the company it was purchased from. If a domain isn't renewed at the end of the period it stops working and sits in a disabled state for a short time. After that it is released to the market and someone else can purchase it.

Why can't I buy direct from the domain registrar?

Registrars are wholesale suppliers and don't sell in small quantities, so unless you want a lot of domains you need to go through a reseller. 

What is hosting – what does it mean?

You have a domain name and some files for your website, but how will people get to that information? You could install the relevant software on your computer and allow people to access that through your internet connection. Then you need to be vigilant to ensure that it keeps running. Your other option is to pay someone to host it for you, who has a fast internet connection, computers dedicated to serving websites, and professional staff on hand in case something goes wrong.

What is uptime?

A measure of the amount of time a website is available. Usually expressed as a percentage. The higher this value the more difficult it is to guarantee site availability. For comparison, a site with 99% uptime can be down for almost 7.5 hours a month, while a site with 99.9% uptime can only be down for 45 minutes a month.

You are more expensive for hosting than other providers? What is the difference?

We are more expensive than some providers, and cheaper than others. The cost of hosting is based on a number of things, such as:


Australian-based servers are more expensive but for Australian visitors it is much faster than overseas sites. Additionally if there is an international connection issue, local visitors can still get to the site.

Package Size

The more space, or the more amount of monthly traffic there is, the more it is going to cost.

Contention ratio

A server that has a high number of active websites on it is likely to be a much cheaper option than a server dedicated to the one website, as they all share the running costs. A high contention ratio can cause speed degradation during peak load.

Uptime Guarantees

A site that is frequently inaccessible is most likely on a low-cost hosting plan.

If I already have hosting elsewhere, can I transfer to QMG? How do I do it?

Yes, if it is compatible with our hosting servers there is no problems, you can use an ftp program to copy the files from your existing hosting to the new server. If you are unsure we can do it for you, just contact us for a quote.

Can I buy web hosting without a domain name?

Yes! If you already have a domain name there is no problems with just purchasing hosting. For convenience we can transfer your domain name so that you have the one point of contact for technical support and billing.

How do I choose the best plan for my needs?

If your site is new, and you haven't launched a large advertising campaign, then don't expect a lot of traffic up front. Our starter pack is ideal for smaller sites. You can always bump up to a larger pack at any time if you suddenly need more room for your growing site!

If you currently have a site hosted elsewhere, check the amount of space it uses and the monthly traffic, that will indicate which of our plans would best suit your needs.